Friday, March 30, 2012

April 14

We got your day and night time activity already booked for you!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sound City Hooligans

Rad Band... Rad Dudes... Rad song!


hi guys i spend three days in trinidad , working, but the most interesting is that i just drove all the way there and back in a motorcycle.. i departed sunday morning with my boss on the back seat...73 km to trinidad.. cool.. little bit scary.. first time i take such a long ride in a real and complicated higway.. lot of horse wagons, trucks, big busses... but it was nice... then i stay in trinidad two nights, i met my friends there, douglas, daimel, leo.. we had some drinks and talk a lot about things. douglas got a new ink job in his forearm, viciuos cycle with pistons design.. really incredible.. then i drove back  yesterday morning, alone... it was kind of better .. just me and my shadow on the way.. i really like it.. then my wife went yesterday to trinidad, for work as well.. and she met this guys from a motorcycle club (i guess there are not the same guys we met in varadero..fuck.. i rememvber the asshole saying i should use  a different piercing.. the bikes looks diferent )..
cheers .. love..

More From Sam

Not only did Sam get his MC license.. he waited no time getting a sickle!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Viva Sam!

I guess Cuba Sam was so inspired by our recent visit to Cuba that he went and got his Sickle license! You are a ruler Sam!!!

Adam PW Smith

Adam PW Smith always takes a great photo! Here are a few from our Wise Hall show

And.... More!

Some great photos courtesy of Sandy Phimester
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