Friday, March 16, 2012


hi guys i spend three days in trinidad , working, but the most interesting is that i just drove all the way there and back in a motorcycle.. i departed sunday morning with my boss on the back seat...73 km to trinidad.. cool.. little bit scary.. first time i take such a long ride in a real and complicated higway.. lot of horse wagons, trucks, big busses... but it was nice... then i stay in trinidad two nights, i met my friends there, douglas, daimel, leo.. we had some drinks and talk a lot about things. douglas got a new ink job in his forearm, viciuos cycle with pistons design.. really incredible.. then i drove back  yesterday morning, alone... it was kind of better .. just me and my shadow on the way.. i really like it.. then my wife went yesterday to trinidad, for work as well.. and she met this guys from a motorcycle club (i guess there are not the same guys we met in varadero..fuck.. i rememvber the asshole saying i should use  a different piercing.. the bikes looks diferent )..
cheers .. love..

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